Big Holiday Show Planned in Missoula

Hey, Wireheads – been a long layoff for the ol’ honky tonk haymaker, but I’m making big strides back toward center stage. In fact, that’s right where I’ll be on Saturday night, December 14, at the Top Hat Lounge in Missoula: sharing the stage with Chip Whitson and the Off White Christmas band! I hope you can join us. Missoula sensations Baby & Bukowski are opening the show, and we’re raising money for Missoula’s Southside Lions Club.

More details right here.

Carousel Ride-A-Thon? Giddyup!


“You a real cowboy?”

I hear this question all the time. Okay, not really, but I’ll be mounting up for a good cause on Wednesday, November 20. It’s the first ever “Ride-A-Thon” for A Carousel for Missoula.
This rotational equine fund raiser will be collecting dollars to support not only the Carousel (reportedly the fastest in the U.S.), but also Dragon Hollow. Who hasn’t whiled away an afternoon watching their kids go berserk at one of Missoula’s coolest playgrounds?
What I need is for you to contact me and make a pledge. You can donate $1.00, $10.00, whatever you can. The Carousel and Dragon Hollow are a couple of unique places that help make Missoula such a great place to live, especially for those of us with kids.
I’ll be accepting pledges in advance, and you’re also invited to join us during the Ride-A-Thon itself. We’ll saddle up at 5:30 p.m. Nov. 20, and I won’t dismount until I’ve raised at least $200. Even if I throw up! Which I probably will!

You can click here to make your donation online.

Now, to sweeten the pot a little bit, I’ll give a Bob Wire CD to each person who pledges at least $25. Collect your CD at the Ride-A-Thon.
Thank you!

More Chip and Bob Coming Your Way

Don’t get all jacked up just yet, we’re just getting started. But Chip Whitson and I have decided to write and record another album, only this time it’ll be music that can be played YEAR ‘ROUND. Keep watching the skies. Meantime, check out a couple of sneak previews on my music page. These demos of “(Welcome to) Fabulous Las Vegas” and “Skin Deep” were recorded with the Magnificent Bastards in 2011. Dig it.

Here’s a Bonus Joke from the Missoulian Interview…

Q: “How many hipsters does it take to change a light bulb?”
A: “It’s a really obscure number. You’ve probably never heard of it.”

That gag is courtesy of John Floridis. The laughs were flying around like bats at a Hunter Thompson party during the interview earlier this week. Many thanks to Joe Nickell and photographer Kurt Wilson for shining a bright light on J-Flo and me. Publicity like this is hard to come by.

I should point out that the title of our album was misstated in the story. It’s “Off White Christmas,” and you can hear it right now at fabulous Off White Christmas website. Why not click the shiny yellow button while you’re there, and take care of all your stocking stuffer shopping? Hey, just an idea.

This Saturday’s concert at the Downtown Dance Collective will be a holiday hoot. Lots of comedy, outstanding music, and me. For ticket info, go to

Don’t forget to tune in to 103.3 FM today at noon, and listen to Tracy Lopez and her Live & Local Lunch! I’ll be attempting something that’s never been done before on Missoula radio. Seriously. Now get out there and have a great Friday; I gotta go change some light bulbs.

Bob Wire Week in Missoula

Lots of time in the public eye this week, promoting Off White Christmas. This morning I’ll be on the air on the Ann and Teresa and Ann show, at KBGA 89.9. You can stream it! These two women have an off-the-hook weekly comedy show, and they’ve invited me on to talk about the album, maybe play a song or two live in the studio. They’ll also play a couple of cuts off the album. Yeah, it’s early, but they are funny as hell.

Next, I’ll be on the Live and Local Lunch segment at noon at the Trail 103.3 in Missoula stream it here! Chip Whitson is scheduled to call in to the studio from Spokane during the show, and share some of his thoughts and stories about the making of Off White Christmas.

And of course there’s the Christmas Musical Show at Downtown Dance Collective Saturday night in Missoula. Busy week, and it’s just going to get crazier as Christmas draws near. Bundle up!

Live Off White Christmas in Missoula!

Saturday, Dec. 10, downtown Missoula, you can hear songs from Off White Christmas performed live by me and my band. Join us at the OWC Holiday Musical Show at the Downtown Dance Collective for an evening of Christmas music and laughs. Hosted by Ann and Teresa of KBGA’s Ann and Teresa and Ann Show, the Holiday Musical Show will have plenty of fun and surprises. Special Guest Star: Eden Atwood! This show is not to be missed. Tickets available at Show starts at 7:30. Now git!

Montana Matters to California

Well, it matters to the folks who joined us at Saturday night’s benefit concert in Napa. Montana Matters kingpin daddy-o Ron Clausen hosted another killer event this year. The focus was to raise funds and awareness for the Bison Relocation Project, with the goal of reestablishing wild bison herds in their native habitat in Montana.

Shane Clouse, the pride of Missoula’s country music community, headlined a great evening that featured the fastest and most dangerous live auction this side of Gunsmoke, a few tunes from Napa’s own Salty Dawgs, and a set of songs from yours truly, including our new classic, “The Ballad of Rock Creek Ron,” which featured the entire NapaTana kazoo horn section.

Shane also joined me for a tender duet on one of the songs from Off White Christmas. “I Can’t Believe It’s Christmastime Again” had the audience in tears, and maybe for all the wrong reasons. I don’t know. I just work here.

Next year’s Napa Extravaganza is already scheduled for Nov. 1, 2012. Keep an eye on to learn more about what they do, and what’s coming up next with this dynamic organization. Now git!